Mr. Paul Vaughn


Paul E. Vaughn, on the surface, is an extremely accomplished Senior Manager for Men’s Warehouse, with over 20 years’ experience in sales. Throughout his tenure at Men’s Warehouse, Paul has built a reputation for developing savvy business sales strategies, incubating new sales models and displaying effective leadership skills. Embracing the core values of integrity, discipline, growth, and humility, Paul consistently ranks among the top leaders in the company. He is a 2-time Presidential Award of Excellence winner and a recipient of the Men’s Warehouse Outstanding Sales Award for top sales growth.

More than his accomplishments as Senior Manager, Paul has a passion to help others in his community, especially the youth. As a result, Paul has become vastly involved with educating and mentoring the younger generation. Through his active participation in the 100 Black Men of South Metro, Special Children’s Olympics and Dismas Charity, Paul has made a great impact in the lives of several misfortunate youth. Paul currently serves as President Elect of the 100 Black Men of South Metro and has committed years to mentorship. He believes that being a mentor is a noble process and through shared knowledge and experiences, he can open up a new path for younger generations. In 2016, Paul was awarded Mentor of the Year for the 100 Black Men of South Metro. His goal is to break generational curses, interrupt stereotypical patterns and promote the strength of African American youth.


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