The Rites Of Passage Academy

The Rites of Passage Academy (ROP) prepares young men for the future by building a better quality of life. This enables the young men in the program to attend a college or an institute of higher learning of his choice. Our academy is the gateway to success for many young men that we mentor. ROP provides a bridge of adolescence to adulthood for young African American males in grades 8-12. The curriculum consists of 18-22 weeks of social skill building, classroom mentoring, lectures, field trips, nature explorations, finance and investment training, conflict resolution and much more. During the program the young men are exposed to a myriad of situations that assist them in their journey into manhood. This holistic approach grooms the young men for the demands and expectations of a successful adult life by addressing topics such as personal responsibility, social skills development, business and finance skills, career selection, and community involvement.  Applications may be submitted in April of every year, you may call the Office at (404) 761-0064.

M.I.R.R.O.R. 100

M.I.R.R.O.R. 100 (Male Initiative for Recruitment, Reward, and Overall Retention) is a High School based mentoring program designed to help male High School students matriculate through High School and develop skills to help them become change agents in our community and the world. Our mentoring relationships are complemented by a series of pre-planned cultural and skill-building activities, social events, group and social mentoring, and special opportunities to add balance and support through their high school years. M.I.R.R.O.R. 100 activities will place priority on gender specific activities to assist in addressing the myriad of risk factors most threatening to males in an urban city like Atlanta (violence, drugs, gangs, etc.).  M.I.R.R.O.R. 100 is culturally sensitive and respectful of the priorities and interests of its populations of youth and their families who are forced to navigate the intensities and pressures of social, environmental, economic, family, and other stressors.

100 Black Men of Atlanta South Metro Chapter



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